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Well I have decided to make my film available online. I’ve been reluctant to do so because I submitted to quite a few festivals and I know it can be frowned upon. So I just haven’t… I got into one festival and nothing came out of it. My good friend has had her grad film in TIFF and on Air Canada and nothing came out of it either, so what was I so worried about anyways?

So here’s my film. It’s not perfect, but it’s mine.


Deleted Scenes From My Film

Well, this is probably a post that’s more for me than anyone else. I’ve compiled many of the shots I didn’t use in my film, just to have. Even going back through my folder after only a few months was a nightmare looking for things, and I kept it fairly organized. Now I’m scared to reorganize it because I’m assuming all of my AE files will loose their connections. Aw well, Ce La Vie.

I’ve decided to put my film online. I was fortunate enough to get into one festival in Washington, but otherwise I think RUN’s festival life is rather bleak. It’s pretty understandable though. After taking a long break and watching it again there are SOOOO many things I wish I changed in the story. Ce La Vie x2.

Keep in mind none of these scenes are edited or anything.
This scene is not so far from what it is now.

This one has a lot of elements that I wish I stuck with and pursued… lots of issues with timing and continuity made me cut a lot when I was strapped for time though.

One of the earliest versions. You can tell that this was the very first thing I animated! There’s lots of shifting legs from before I had a formula to moving my puppets.

And this one is my first attempt at a title sequence. Using letters as particles in After Effects. I didn’t use it in my film, but I learned a lot of things that came in handy when creating the letter-rain that WAS used in the film.

next up! the film 😉


Hey Folks
I’m proud to say that one August 13th, Run will be screening at the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival in Vancouver, Washington! YAY. So if you’re in the area you should check it out

RUN stills

As promised here are some stills from the film.

and if you haven’t seen it yet, the trailer too.

Music and composing by Ian Phillips and Garret Egles.


I’m Done!

Well, that’s it!
I’ve been trying to render my film all week and I literally just finished.
Not that it’s taken a week, but small things like color correction, misspelled names on credits ( no matter how often you check there’s always SOMEONE who’s name is wrong), I had a pretty bad corruption problem with my editing file that was fun….
but it’s done now. and I kept my cool and I only cried ONCE and that was a sound design thing, it wasn’t even me.

If there’s something I’ve learned about myself in the past 4 years of university… it is that I will figure things out. I don’t know how I always do it and why it always works out, but somehow I make it happen. And that makes me happy.

Before I launch the film into the festival circuit there are two small screenings where you can come and see everything

The first is with the ECU degree exhibition opening night on May 7th.

The second is on May 21st at the Vancity theater.This show will just be comprised of some of the animation and film works. This is really awesome because they have a beautiful projector, awesome seats and we’ll be having some brunchy things to eat before the show. Not once in 4 years have I really had anything complete to show so I’m really excited to have a nice place to show all the hard work I’ve put myself through. It’s going to be great so if you are in Vancouver come by and see it.

I’ll be adding some more screen shots really soon, now that I have all the colors lookin nice.


Almost done?

Well the film is very close to being done. I’ll be getting the sound  any day now, then there’s just minor color correction and a final render.
The past eight months seem to have lasted forever, yet have gone by in a blur. I’ve revised my story countless times now, made hundreds and hundreds of story boards, 50+ different leica reels, I completely animated an entire 4 min 30 sec film (and then some if you count all the scenes i threw out) by myself, composited everything, made some sweet special effects…. and finished on time?


seriously, just woah.

the whole gradfilm experience has been completely mind blowing. I wish I could have spent just eight months getting my story perfect. It really shows you just how much you can get done when you put your mind to it. People are amazing.

I can’t help but freak out now though. Not only am I completely unsure about how I feel about my film I also feel like  I’ve finally finished but now everything else is starting, and I don’t really even know where to start or how to feel about it all…. I have no clue what I’m going to do when this is all over. I’m starting to research festivals today in an attempt to alleviate some of my crippling anxieties.

When my film is done to a still use this blog, or do I make a completely new one?  hrmm.


Oh yeah! Trailer and poster and film festival package complete!
*insert obnoxious dancing here*



Latest Update

Wow, there’s less than three weeks left!
Here is my latest leica, well almost I have another but I forgot my harddrive at school haha. The timing is just about solidified except for the last shot. Now it’s on to sound and final color adjustments and effects!!!

New Demo Reel

Here it is! The new demo reel. I think something went a little funny with the frame rate so I may have to re-render it. but I’m glad it’s over with. Editing demo reels is so frustrating. you never know what to put in and leave out.

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